Saturday, February 17, 2007

Levi has visitors

All these loving arms... Levi was held all day! A new Grandma, Great-Grandma, & Aunt.

Great Granddaddy Joe Neely. Levi has his chin!

Granddaddy Marshall finally gets his boy!

Four generations.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Molly and Joe,

huge congrats from across the pond to the newest addition to your family! What a cute baby you got there! The blog is a great idea to show the pics - well done.

Well, I am not sure if you are home right now but I will try to give you a call and catch you on the phone if I can.

Take care and all the best wishes,


susan T said...

We're planning on coming over to meet the big guy, we're just giving you a little time to get into a routine first. Maybe it will warm up and we'll see you outside soon. Best wishes, Susan and Jamey (next door)