Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013 in Jennings, Fla.

This is a sweet potato field near the Burnam's home - Papa & I were checking out the set-up.  They're growing sweet potato slips - lots and lots of slips.

Friday, March 29, 2013


My first knitted garment with armholes & a cable:  a vest for Indigo.  And a good lesson in the mathematics of gauge swatching.  I knew my tension was a little off & would create a vest "slightly" larger than the 18 month size.  I ended up with a 4T.
So, this one has been tucked away for a winter to come, and I'm currently knitting away on a properly gauged 18 month size.  

Joe's homemade biscuits, for which he received the best compliment he could hope to from Levi:  "these taste like Granddaddy's!"

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On This Thursday

I never tire of these garden posts (Joe says he does though, and you may too).  

I will admit, especially this time of year, it might be considered an obsession (falling asleep pondering composting schemes).  Fair enough.  One day maybe (say 2.5 years from now) I'll be trying to do this full time.

In the meantime, the trick of the week is keeping all farm hands happy whilst plugging-in seemingly endless trays of seedlings.  This little spray bottle has provided some hours of purpose & entertainment.  I work & she walks around & sprays all plants she sees (and an occasional dog & chicken).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rainy Morning Gobbler

Opening morning found us hunting together with fingers crossed that the rain would hold off.  In other words, less than ideal gobbling conditions.  We heard one bird gobble three times.....we called to him sparingly and he eventually came in silently.  At Levi's urging, I ended up shooting the gobbler.  We had a fine time in the field together and the rain began falling as we walked back to the truck, bird over my shoulder.  After a trip to the store for coffee (me), and M&Ms (Levi), we headed home to show Mom and Indie.  Great start to the season!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting on a West Wind

Danvers variety carrot
I still love Napoli best

I finished clearing out the first 25 foot row today & got it
ready for a quick flip - putting in a double row of radishes tomorrow.
The carrot on the right is the largest from that row - the ones
on the left were more average.

This has kept Indigo occupied for days.
It is a turtle sandbox that she makes 'soup' in = water, dirt, pine needles, cones, and a basket of turnips dumped in for good measure. She adds 'ingredients', and borrows spoons and pots from inside.  She totes the concoction around for you to 'taste'.

Joe has been waiting on a west wind to burn our place off (to blow smoke away from the highway on the backside of the property).  Today produced perfect conditions.  I arrived home noticing the smoke rising off our hilltop.

(The 'road garden' ready for spring planting on the left.)

Walking the fire break dividing the pines.

Off to dig up something exposed by the burn.
Yes, he was barefooted the entire afternoon & was carried in with black feet & placed directly in his shower.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cusp of Spring

the road garden & its greens long gone to seed
the mustard flowers are fiery when eaten
I chomp away on them thinking that something that spicy must be good for you

the first pass with the tractor, after doing a quick raid for last minute turnips

there's a new tractor on the place

helping herself to the art cabinet
this is a mid-1800's pie safe that's come to our place
it's made from wide planks of pine

100's of seedlings in queue for the garden

the first planting of lacinato kale looking good

my ongoing experiment with artichokes
this is one of 7 that's been growing since December out in the garden
they're in my sweet spot - getting the richest soil (where the outhouse used to be!)

not looking like much now, this is a full row of 18 tomatoes
so far I've got 46 in the ground with a few stragglers still to come

I'd love it if I had time to keep all the weeds out & it all looking perfect

I have to remember we are eating out of it daily, even though
 everywhere I look there's something to be done

a balancing act of life  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Young Turkey Hunter

Turkey season opens this Saturday in Georgia.  Levi has gone with me several times over the past few years, but this year he feels he's ready to hunt and try to take a turkey.  I've got a youth model 20 gauge a friend loaned me, and we started practicing today, always going over firearm safety and handling rules.  Levi did well and wanted to take one more shot after supper....he drew his own target and made another pretty good shot.  

This Saturday morning before daylight, he'll be sitting between my legs in a brush blind on the edge of the old field above Sofkee Creek.  The same field where I had my first turkey hunt with Papa many years ago.  Whether we decide he's going to be carrying the gun or not, it's another season and another small step forward in our lives. I'm grateful to be able to share something I love with him, and for his genuine interest in all things nature.  And I'm grateful he's gaining an understanding of the nature and cost of food, and that he knows where the groceries come from.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013


" is better when you have a sustaining practice that holds your desire, demands your attention, and requires effort, a plot of ground that gratifies the wish to labor and create and rule over a world of your own."

Janna Malamud Smith


Each time Indi is even remotely near the carrot patch she makes a detour to swing by there.  She pulls one for herself and then for anyone else around and then maybe one to take to the house....  

It's become the 'snack patch' and in just a few weeks we've eaten through about 25 feet of carrots.  There's another 25 feet to go & then on to the next bed (which I hope will go unnoticed for another 3-4 more weeks). 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


a shamrock from Mike & Teddi

a new leopard moth Levi found still with wet wings 

late-day sunlight in the library

she likes painting

roots for supper

a pretty mix

a visit with Angie a couple weekends ago
she's expecting a baby in April