Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cusp of Spring

the road garden & its greens long gone to seed
the mustard flowers are fiery when eaten
I chomp away on them thinking that something that spicy must be good for you

the first pass with the tractor, after doing a quick raid for last minute turnips

there's a new tractor on the place

helping herself to the art cabinet
this is a mid-1800's pie safe that's come to our place
it's made from wide planks of pine

100's of seedlings in queue for the garden

the first planting of lacinato kale looking good

my ongoing experiment with artichokes
this is one of 7 that's been growing since December out in the garden
they're in my sweet spot - getting the richest soil (where the outhouse used to be!)

not looking like much now, this is a full row of 18 tomatoes
so far I've got 46 in the ground with a few stragglers still to come

I'd love it if I had time to keep all the weeds out & it all looking perfect

I have to remember we are eating out of it daily, even though
 everywhere I look there's something to be done

a balancing act of life  

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