Monday, March 18, 2013

Young Turkey Hunter

Turkey season opens this Saturday in Georgia.  Levi has gone with me several times over the past few years, but this year he feels he's ready to hunt and try to take a turkey.  I've got a youth model 20 gauge a friend loaned me, and we started practicing today, always going over firearm safety and handling rules.  Levi did well and wanted to take one more shot after supper....he drew his own target and made another pretty good shot.  

This Saturday morning before daylight, he'll be sitting between my legs in a brush blind on the edge of the old field above Sofkee Creek.  The same field where I had my first turkey hunt with Papa many years ago.  Whether we decide he's going to be carrying the gun or not, it's another season and another small step forward in our lives. I'm grateful to be able to share something I love with him, and for his genuine interest in all things nature.  And I'm grateful he's gaining an understanding of the nature and cost of food, and that he knows where the groceries come from.  

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