Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting on a West Wind

Danvers variety carrot
I still love Napoli best

I finished clearing out the first 25 foot row today & got it
ready for a quick flip - putting in a double row of radishes tomorrow.
The carrot on the right is the largest from that row - the ones
on the left were more average.

This has kept Indigo occupied for days.
It is a turtle sandbox that she makes 'soup' in = water, dirt, pine needles, cones, and a basket of turnips dumped in for good measure. She adds 'ingredients', and borrows spoons and pots from inside.  She totes the concoction around for you to 'taste'.

Joe has been waiting on a west wind to burn our place off (to blow smoke away from the highway on the backside of the property).  Today produced perfect conditions.  I arrived home noticing the smoke rising off our hilltop.

(The 'road garden' ready for spring planting on the left.)

Walking the fire break dividing the pines.

Off to dig up something exposed by the burn.
Yes, he was barefooted the entire afternoon & was carried in with black feet & placed directly in his shower.

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