Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Reflections

Seeing himself in a mirror...
Levi has found himself in the mirror that's on the backside of the arm that holds his mobile up.

Baby-wearing in action... a break for a hug.
I wear Levi quite a bit around the house in a sling, especially when I'm on the move doing housework, he likes being near me & there's always something new for him to watch.

Lounging outside on the front porch (with the dogs nearby) while I dig holes in the front bed.


Deborah said...

Mol & Joe,

I've been on this site for 30 minutes, I can't tear myself aways. Levi looks just like me!!!! Just kidding, I see so much of you both, but at this point, he looks like a clone of Joe. guys are awesome. This blog site is awesome. I want you to teach me how to set one up I would Love for John and Brandi to set one up like this to share. My grandbaby is due in October. Hope I can share like you all have done. It means so much to folk like me who "never go anywhere" to see life of the people who you love so much. Thanks for being just so cool and tender about keeping friends and family informed. "Awesome" By the way, tell me that's not Kati in the Easter Picture. Where did Kati Bug go? Tell Nana Beth, I didn't see her in the pictures, she's got to get next to Levi and share the love with the camera. Wish I could hold that little fellow. Love X 3 from Aunt Debbie.

Nicole said...

Man Levi is getting so big! I feel like I haven't seen him in ages even though its only been a few weeks.