Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wildwood vacation

Levi & I took a week-long trip to Wildwood; we just got back last night - Joe was more than ready for our return (after a week alone with the dogs). Levi was a real trooper & endured some long stretches in the carseat. Much to my relief, he slept a straight three hours while I battled gridlock on I-75 when making the drive on Monday from Grandma Huckin's house in Kennesaw up to Mom & Dad's in Wildwood (a trip that usually takes a hour 'n a half).

We took it easy, did some visiting, helped Beth plant sunflowers out in the garden, & went swimming.

The day we planted the sunflowers.

Coming & going, we made stops in Kennesaw & visited Grandma Huckins. We were all very excited when she got rain there on Friday night, her first in weeks.

Right before bedtime with Granddaddy Joe.

We stay at Granddaddy's house while we're in Wildwood - he lives right next door to Mom & Dad. He went in for surgery on Friday - having a stint placed in a kidney blockage - it went very well & he's back home already.

Some trick photography on my part - snapping pictures behind me while driving. Beth & Dad getting some laughs from Levi, on our way home from a Mexican dinner out, yummy.

First cousins once removed. Levi & Tivoli.

In the pool with Beth... he is a little fish, kicking & splashing for most of an hour.

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