Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hunter's Moon Feast

Eric & Chris, the market managers for Locally Grown, invited everyone up to their place in Royston to celebrate in a Hunter's Moon Feast (the full moon was on Thursday). It was another great fall day - full of friends, blackberry mead, meat, river-watching, homebrew, happy children and more food than could possibly be eaten. To quote Eric "I didn't know if we'd have 75 people or 10, so I cooked 55 pounds of meat!" There was shrimp, emu, lamb, goat, beef, & bbq pork.

Cindy, Will, & I drove up to Royston together.

Working through the tables of food - I must have had 5 plates full throughout the afternoon/evening.

Chris & Eric's place is on the Hudson River - this is their daughter Vivian.


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