Thursday, December 6, 2007

Energy Star

We're making the switch this week from a house full of standard incandescent lightbulbs to energy-saving fluorescent twist bulbs. I'm a couple four-packs away from a complete switch over.
Lowe's is making this super easy right now - as there's a "2 for 1" sale (good throughout the month of December) on four-pack twist bulbs which brings the cost down to $1 a bulb. Just guess what everyone on my Christmas list is getting? :)
I'll be interested to see if there's a noticeable difference in our power bill.

In addition to the lightbulbs, we finally made the switch to a front loading washing machine this week. All said & done, I got a sweet deal at $180 bucks off the sticker price. I installed it yesterday & literally pulled up a chair & watched it go through a wash cycle. It was a step up from watching paint dry, but I do have to admit I was tickled to have this modern marvel washing away in our laundry room. In addition to having more than double the load capacity of our old model (twice as many diapers!) & using less water, it will also reduce our power needs.

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Nicole said...

I love, love, LOVE our front loader and it did make a difference in the water bill, although I find that the cycles are much longer. When I do diapers it takes about 2.5 hours but I do all the extra rinse and heavy washing cycles too.

We have switched to the twisty bulbs mostly but I may go pick up some extras since they are on sale.