Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tax Time Tip

I've electronically filed for the last several years with TurboTax and certainly have been happy with the results/service - Our return this year was a little more complicated than in previous years so, rather than do the usual free federal return program (which of course is not truly free when you add on a state filing) I really wanted one of the more 'deluxe' packages that helps you out more...
For TurboTax that would equate to: a $30 federal filing fee + $35 for state = $65 yikes!...
Okay, so I go check out H&R Block: $40 federal + $30 state = $70! even worse (I am a true cheapskate! no way am I paying that!)
A few google searches later and I find a raving review for - supposedly as good as the afore mentioned companies at a price I can't resist = $16.95 for the 'Ultimate' fed+state package. So, after 4+ hours of the hell that is tax time, it is over & I am done. And I have to say, after using TurboTax for years, this was just as good & even better considering the price. Check it out.

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