Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Visit

My dear friend, Angie, and her family came this last week to visit... several beach trips, lots of walks, a great seafood dinner out, crazy chaotic kid time, and the zen after all the kiddos were down for the count.


Jack, 4

the view from the deck at the Sunbury Crab Company - dinner out...

the crew out shopping - Levi's first ride in the 'car buggy'

playing pigs - similar to dice

handmade yarn & mug

Levi & Jack

Nesta, 1

Angie, Nesta in his pram, Levi

John, Nesta, Jack, Levi

1 comment:

angelina said...

thank you my lovely. a zen moment for myself this morning, looking, remembering. hope we can come again, i will bring child tranquilizers.