Monday, November 2, 2009


Catching up with some pictures - emptied the camera tonight. November already!

my Mom & Dad came for a visit the week before last - Dad loves it here near the coast - his fishing gear always comes with him :)

Joe's best ever redfish - Ossabaw Sound - fishing with a buddy. Being too big to legally keep, he swam away relieved after the pic.

New Mama & Babe - My sister Carrie & new son Sam

Joe & helper Ramon putting a new roof on our house in Watkinsville - it looks great, so glad it's done - no more leaks!

While in Athens I visited a dear friend - Ms. Gertrude sharing her crop of Japanese Persimmons with us - she's a master gardener & I worked a time for her doing yardwork (her yard is so much fun, plants galore) - we're still eating the persimmons which have ripened one by one

Sunset at Demeries Creek = the view from Joe's office

Angie's youngest son, Nesta

late night knitting with Angie - during my visit this last week

Angie's oldest son, Jack with Levi

Our pumpkin keeping watch Halloween night - I splurged on 'good' candy only to have 4 trick-or-treaters show up!


The Stallings' Clan said...

Only 4 trick or treaters means more candy for you :-)

Natalie DaSantos said...

Such great pictures! They make me ready to come home.