Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strawberry Picking

Katherine & I took the kiddos to the Bamboo Gardens today - their strawberry fields were open for picking. Organic strawberries at $2/pound. Pretty good deal. Levi & I filled up most of a 3-gallon pail = 9 lbs of berries. We have gorged ourselves ever since. Strawberry smoothies today. Making jam. Freezing a bunch. And strawberry shortcake tomorrow night.

Levi & Graham ate nearly as many as went in their buckets!

Once home with the berries and sorting them I found several dozen with one bite taken out of the end - just making sure they were fit to bring home I'm sure

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JC said...

Love it! I wish I could find something like that hear. I am trying to go more organic, especially with fresh veggies and fruit. I love your pics too. What kind of camera do you have?