Sunday, November 14, 2010


For all the deer meat in our freezer, we've never gotten into the habit of tanning their hides - they usually go with the carcass back to the woods - this year we've decided to start. Joe's put several in the freezer & we'll be saving any more this season.
Today we took a small doe skin & began the fleshing process. There are many different methods & we're just learning what will work for us. We'll be brain tanning. The theory goes that each animal has enough brain to tan its hide. And I've just learned in the absence of a matching brain, eggs can substitute.

scraping flesh & membrane from the inside of the skin - we'll leave the fur on the outside of this one for a soft bedside rug - the next ones we'll remove the fur to make buckskin for making clothes - I want a pair of leather pants!

using a sander to remove the fine membrane that remains on this now dried hide

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