Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Cairo

No internet at the new place yet. I'm at Burger King in Cairo - now almost midnight - for an internet fix. The house is taking on shape & I'm down to only maybe 20 boxes left. Papa & Joe are going to harrow a garden spot up on Saturday - think the first seeds to go in the ground will be the old heirloom Wildwood pumpkins. Wondering how to add nutrients & stick to organic. Fish emulsion & I needa find a horse farm quick.
Indigo's surgery will be on August 23rd. We got the best possible news when we went to Shands. She will have the less invasive surgery & be fitted for a helmet within the month. She'll have to wear it for the next year.

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sandytoes said...

A friend of a friend's blog... Her daughter is doing beautifully.

The link is to a post directly after one of her surgeries.

Sending happy healing thoughts to you and your family!