Saturday, September 24, 2011


The day after we found out

A few hours after her surgery

The day after her surgery - her face was badly swollen, but we could already see the change in her head shape

reading to Indigo, Levi listens in

my resident artist, he is a prolific drawer/painter, maybe a future scientific illustrator - here he is making a sketch of the dead cicadas he found

Waiting in pre-op the hour before her surgery - she could not eat past 4am & so the nurses gave us a pacifier that we could dip in sugar water to keep her calm - I remember being scared but ready to face it so it could be over

Both sets of grandparents in the surgical waiting room at Shands

this is the first time I saw her afterwards - she was screaming, hungry & attached to 3 IVs - she wanted to eat & I was terrified to handle her with all the tubing & monitors attached - over the course of her hospital stay she had 9 IVs placed - most of which blew out when the fluid was started, that was torture for me - I'm so thankful we are at home now & she's well

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