Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cane Grinding

While in Jennings over Thanksgiving, we went to Mr. and Mrs. Devane's annual cane grinding and syrup boiling.  The Devanes are my folk's closest neighbors, and their weekend shack and syrup house is a few miles down the road.  Cane syrup was a cultural staple in the deep South, but like so many other rural traditions it's fading away in favor of cheaper, less labor intensive substitutes.  In this case, artificially-flavored corn syrup.  The Devanes grow a patch of sugar cane and have a tradition of grinding it and cooking it down every Thanksgiving.  It's always a wonderful treat to smell the syrup cooking on the cool air.

Thanks for letting us come enjoy the fruits of your efforts!

The Devane's syrup house

Cane juice coming from the grinder

Papa Don showing the boys how it works

Each of them got a piece of sugar cane to chew....a treat!

Boiling the juice down into syrup

Patiently waiting?

A catface pine log from the turpentine days

Molly talking with Mrs. Devane

The boys playing on an old Farmall at the Johnson's cane grinding.

The Johnson's syrup house

I love this skillet a 100+ year old farmhouse

The old Johnson House

Where the meals were

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