Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gainey Family Reunion 2012

We attended the Gainey family reunion on Saturday in the little community of Reno, Georgia, just a 10 minute drive from Cairo.  Joe's grandfather is Papa Bill Gainey.  And the Gainey family has been in this area for a long while.  

The old homeplace, nestled at the end of a dirt road, is nearby.  It's in fine shape, & still has a Gainey family in resident.  Joe's great-great grandfather, James T. Gainey, walked all the way home from Columbus after his discharge from the Confederate Army, and his final steps were on that same dirt road.

taking The Grit's (of Athens) Mac & Cheese

the dessert table - I counted 36

80 something covered dishes

it's held at the old Reno school (now community center), which in its time held grades 1st thru 9th - some elderly attendees spent their school-days here
in the background is the stage of the auditorium

130+ sat down to dinner 

all distant cousins (Indi on far left)

Indi trying to plant a kiss.  These two are fourth cousins and seven days apart in age.

Indi running around visiting during the clean-up