Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Night post

It's hard to get started back with something you've dropped for awhile.  
All the while knowing that little memories that could be saved are slipping away.
So, I'm trying to get back in the saddle: refresh & refocus.

We battled the flu this past week.  The full week.  A real wipe out.  Levi missed most of the school week & my 'getting ready for holiday company' time got shortened by half.

Our hens have stepped up the pace & I found myself at the end of the week with at least 4 dozen eggs in the house.  I'd put off emptying the laying boxes until I'd done something with the ones I already had inside, until Levi decided to do it himself.  He came pulling up a small wagon onto the back deck with 22 more!  Heavens!  I made some calls & gifted several dozen over the weekend.

We had our first substantial rain here in several months, and the weak patch of greens (mustard/collard/turnip mix) suddenly looks lush.  My broccoli is beginning to put on heads.  We've lettuce galore.  Carrots putting on mass.  Cabbages heading.  Eating kale.  And just newly acquired:  asparagus.

Some random pics from the last few weeks.

bedtime stories

tree trimming 

long enough for PIGTAILS!

Levi & Willa - he is quite fond of babies

one of the goats in Wildwood

in Wildwood for Thanksgiving

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Alison said...

I may have commented similarly before, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoy visiting once in a while - I love the way you raise your children in such a natural, happy, close way. :)