Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poking around in between rains

Levi and I have been doing a little walking around at the farm between rains.  Here are a few pieces we've found, and a bow I'm working on. The small corn field he is standing in is situated on a bluff over a creek with a small tributary immediately to the west.  Classic village site, and the pottery and points we've found put folks here from off and on from as far back as 8,000-6,000 BC to Historic Period/European contact.  Pretty cool stuff.
Levi with two points he found on his own, in between monsoons.

Sherd of Complicated Stamped pottery, in situ.

Atlatl projectile point

This is a broken blade Levi found, and is really neat.  After  checking with some folks, we think it is heat-treated Brier Creek chert, from Brier Creek (between Savannah and Augusta).  Chert was (and is) heat treated to change its structure and make it easier to work into tools and points.  In doing so, it often turns different colors.  No one knows of any of our local material doing this red and white coloration, while it is common with the Brier Creek.  Fascinating to think of how it made it may have made its way across the State. 

As it lay

A small hand blade (top), and two utilized flakes.  These were used as small knives or blades and discarded when done.  Quick to make, and very sharp when freshly broken.

Tillering the limbs and putting the finishing touches on a new self bow, made from a hickory I cut at the farm.


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