Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mesa Verde National Park & coming home

Driving up the steep climb to the mesa top.

Mesa Verde NP was like nothing I've ever seen before - I'd like to make a return trip to see more.  Here you can see some cliff dwellings from a distance - we were able to walk down & see these.

Kiva - a religious room/pit in the cliff dwelling.
You were able to see a series of dwellings from different time periods & see how the kiva grew in importance & structure.

grinding stones

A kiva from an earier time period.

Another large cliff dwelling.  The Anasazi People lived in the cliff face & would climb to the mesa top to farm!  It was unbelievable to see the route they took up & down each day.

One place we camped.

Driving home.

These are so good - cool burlap bag too.

We raided the watermelon patch when we got home.  Still ripe melons coming in.

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