Sunday, September 1, 2013

Full Circle

I was thrilled to find out Wildwood Pumpkins had been mentioned in the latest publication from Seed Savers Exchange.  I made a seed donation of this family heirloom several months ago & included a few photos.

The article they were included in was "Defining Heirlooms," in which they were given as an example of a family heirloom (versus a commercial or community heirloom).

it reads:

'Wildwood Pumpkin' Squash

A family heirloom from Molly Neely-Burnam of Georgia.  This variety has a history with Molly's paternal ancestors - who all lived and gardened in Wildwood, GA - that extends back to her great-great-great grandfather, William Carroll.  Molly, her father, and her grandfather all still grow the variety today.  In her donation letter Molly writes, "Family oral history places the origin of the variety with the Cherokee Indians who were present in the Wildwood area prior to their 1838 removal."  The variety produces pale orange pumpkins that the family primarily uses for pies.  Pictured at left.

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Beth said...

So proud to see them in print! Please can some for a pumpkin pie this Christmas. :)