Sunday, October 27, 2013

last Sunday in October

Southern Two-Striped Walking Stick

roasted beets - Levi & I will especially devour these

green beans planted here in mid-September will make
wasn't sure if it was too late
no killing frost yet 

brass headboard I couldn't live with
though I hesitated for months...

primed & ready for the next: dark charcoal metallic

weekend lesson in flint/steel fire starting
teaching Levi how

Levi got a fire started all on his own

sleepy girl

racking a carboy of stout

the capper

now the waiting
2 weeks until we crack the first one

Sunday afternoon playing guitar


angelina said...

joe are you wearing a thumb ring?
and you made fun of my Yanni collection?

lay lady lay . lay in my big spraypainted bed.

Molly Joe Levi Indigo said...

Wth does Yanni have to do with a thumb ring? Haters gonna hate.

angelina said...

yeees. ask yourself, what do they! :}