Monday, October 20, 2014

photo show anyone?


pac choy :: BEFORE

beautifully done by my Horseman

these interweave into my days  ::  many many this season

September means 'spider lilies' to me

foraging for turkey tails :: the real one is in the middle, the other two are false

flip them over to tell :: the false are smooth, the real one has tiny pores all over it, I blew these up so you can see

watching something special on Daddy's phone

Wildwood buckeye

ready to push

sawdust flying

Wildwood :: black walnuts

her last day :: a few weeks shy of her 15th birthday

ice cream Friday

pac choy :: AFTER

late tomatillos

elephant garlic :: 56 cloves in, planted primarily for cut flowers

what I worked on today :: at center, better late than never, fine crumbly carrot bed

a trickle of October tomatoes keeping us happy

a bulk of the purple basil got the heave-ho

the green basil that was in the way too :: heading to the house with it for a pesto freeze
lots more in the garden tucked here & there for fresh eating

what joy to see the kids keeping the beans picked all by themselves, I just go back & get the ones way up high


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