Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blacksmiths in town

We had houseguests this weekend - Marshall & Joe Neely were attending the bi-annual blacksmithing gathering in Madison, GA (about 25 minutes south of Watkinsville) & drove on up to spend Friday night with us.

We all went over to Carrie's on Friday evening & grilled out - Carrie took this - we really don't have very many family shots.
With Aunt Carrie.
Joe Burnam & Joe Neely - enjoying the late day sun on Carrie's backporch & mmmmm smellin' the goods on the grill.

We drove over to Madison this morning to catch the last day of the blacksmithing show. It was really sunny & we forgot a hat for Levi - Daddy's camo hat had to do.

Levi gave it up - after a long morning of walking & visiting.

Okay, now this I have to explain.... this is actually an anvil that's blown (via blackpowder) about 100 feet up in the air... it's done as a sort of memorial to all the blacksmiths that have passed since the last gathering. And wow!! what a boom!!

Granddaddy visiting with old friends at the show... this is JL & Nell Thompson.

The menfolk on the back deck...

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susan T said...

I would not mind at all coming over and taking some family pictures of you guys in your garden, yard, house, etc. I like to take pictures. I'm usually home at 4:30pm, and Sat/Sun.