Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just in the past week... somebody found their thumb! He's tried out both the right & left.

Storytime - we read one each night before bed.

"B" came over to Papa Bill's for a visit while we were in Cairo.

Justin, Aunt Katy, & Levi.

Great Uncle Vic & Levi.

Joe, Papa Bill, Levi, & I went for a nice Sunday drive. We visited the Gainey Cemetary, the old Gainey homeplace (Joe's great-great-great-Grandfather build the house which is STILL standing), & Papa took us to see these giant oak trees. This tree is 11 feet in diameter!

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Dee said...

Awesome, That Levi, he's so smart, if one thumb he can't find, he'll find another....wait till he finds his toes, it's a hoot. Awesome pictures. Keep up the good work. I've been away from the pc for a week and I always pull your blog up first, it's such a joy. My love to you all. Aunt Debbie