Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beach Get-Away

We took off to St. Augustine last Friday to join the Burnam's at the beach. This was Levi's first time (outside the womb) to visit the ocean. Nice relaxing time had by all - we're back in Watkinsville today sunkissed & trying to figure out what day it is. Here's a few of the some 200+ pics we snapped while away...

Testing the water

Under the beach umbrella

Lounging during a warm & cloudy day

Joe's pretty good on the surf board - my first time seeing him in action. I tried it out a few times too - it's fun!

Ocean-watching from the balcony

Gettin' a free ride - two beach bums

Katy with a small hammer-head shark the boys brought back from fishing

Quiet time together on the beach


Don & Levi inside at the condo

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