Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Thursday

This beach trip has gotten my week all flipped around. At about noon I realized it was Thursday & that I'd need to get everything ready so I could leave for Locally Grown. I've started working there each Thursday, Joe comes home a little early from school & I head over to Gosford Wine (an ingenious pick-up spot) & help put orders together.

Levi finally made contact with his feet while in St. Augustine - they're hard to catch, but occasionally he can reach right out & nab one. Last night was the first time to see them in his mouth!

The garden was looking a bit weary when we arrived home yesterday evening - doesn't look like we had much rain during our absence. Though, the romas have decided "it's time" & were loaded with happy red fruit. Joe's beans are starting to mmmmmake... mmmmm.... stir fried beans with a little sesame oil & garlic!

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