Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thumbs down on the green pea goo

We pulled a jar of yummy delicious organic peas out tonight (for the first time) only to have them spluttered promptly out & our typical 'baby-bird-open-mouthed' child suddenly went tight-lipped. He was only lulled into eating again once we broke out his favorite pears & raspberries.

Is there nothing going on besides infant feeding in my life...

Sure! Today I got all set up to work from home - I'm working for a graduate student at the Forestry School. He, like Joe, is doing quail research - though his study sites are located in Florida. I'm just doing data entry at first, but later on will be working through a collection of quail chick fecal samples to determine what insects they've been chowing on. What you say? Quail shit! Yup, kinda cool for me though, it will be my first 'real' entomology job. Check out the link if you wanna know more (one or two takers maybe): Chick Foraging Ecology & scroll down to 'Chick-Diet'.

On another note, we got an exciting 1/10 inch of rain tonight. Cause for celebration in our neck of the woods, after what seems weeks of 100+ temps & no precep.


Nicole said...

Oh how the solid food does seem all consuming when they start. I was obsessed with getting Grady to eat new things. Still am to some extent although we seem to be running out of the normal stuff.

susan T said...

Serious yahoo for the rain. I was outside when it started, and I just stayed out in it until I was half-soaked and a loud thunder clap scared me in.