Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Farm in Reno, Ga.

I wanted to include some pics of my Pa-pa's place in Grady County. This farm was purchased by my Great-grandfather McCorkle during the depression. I spent alot of time as a kid hunting, fishing, and just aimlessly wandering around here whenever I could talk Papa into taking me...which was never very hard to do ;-).... Guess I still do alot of aimless wandering in the woods..... One day I hope to watch Levi experience some of the same things.

This is Sofkee Creek....a fine little redbreast creek that is extremely low now due to the lack of rain lately. Sofkee allegedly translates to "grits" in the Creek tongue.

Peanut field at the front of the place.
Ahhh....these next two shots are of the pond, which is full of bass, bream, catfish, cottonmouths, and one gator. There's not much better than floating around this pond casting a rapala next to stumps.

This is down in the swamp along Sofkee Creek. It's a hardwood bottom comprised mainly of water oak, swamp chestnut oak, magnolia, and blackgum. Also spruce pine, palmettos, muscadine, vaccinium, and some switch cane. Note the obvious lack of privet!Pa-pa's food plot, normally in corn this time of year....but not now because guessed rain! He will probably put it into oats/wheat/brassicas etc. for the fall and winter. As an aside, many wild turkeys have gone to their ancestors in the great roost tree in the sky from the edge of this field.
Southern lady ferns along Hornyhead creek.....

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