Monday, September 3, 2007

Catching up

We just spent the long Labor Day weekend in Wildwood, GA (with the Neely's) for their 6th annual pig roast. A great gathering of folks as always! We're home this Monday night exhausted from the day's journey back to Watkinsville; we've been out-of-town four of the last five weekends.
I'm running a little behind posting pics... these are actually from our South GA trip a few weekends ago.

Aunt Belinda with the massive fig tree in her backyard.

Pretty pears... we brought a mountain of these home, much to Levi's delight :)

Joe's cousin, Sam, & his wife Eleise

Okay, this one's actually from our home, an orb weaver that's taken up residence on our back porch. Sexy spider! While we were away this last weekend she moved her web & I walked right through it this evening... oops. I see tonight she's moved it down a little ways near the kitchen window, so I turned on the overhead light to attract some grub.

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