Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kitchen action

Strange meeting.
Late night & I'm turning out the kitchen lights & this little guy in the sink catches my eye. First scorpion I've ever seen in our house & of all places it's trapped walking circles in the kitchen sink. I would love some insight on its journey & how in the world it got itself in this predicament. After taking a couple pics I scooped it up in a cup & tossed it out the back door.
I'm not much on killing anything that gets into the house - I routinely rescue wayward spiders & welcome the colony of tiny ants that live in my plants on the kitchen windowsill (it's fun to see what crumbs they're attracted to on the counter). But, ever since finding this scorpion I feel like I'm watching the floor a little more carefully.

Hanging out in the kitchen while I unload the dishwasher.

Grady and Levi visiting a couple weeks back.

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