Monday, November 19, 2007


It was a retrospective weekend in Wildwood - leaves changing, a death in the family, and everyone home. David Pratt, my uncle, died Friday morning. Originally from Florida - his family was in town for the weekend too.
As always, when I'm in Wildwood, I have an overwhelming sense of community that I feel nowhere else - of family - of belonging - the place I grew up - I always feel a bit of sadness as we drive away, leaving this patchwork of family & friends nestled between two mountain plateaus.

We took well over 200 pics in the 48 hours we were home... here are just a few.

Tivoli (first cuz), Beth (sis) , Sarah (sis)

Carrie (sis) & Levi visiting with Aunt Marjorie & Uncle Frank

Off for a long walk - with nearly as many dogs as people

A little extra help mulching the flowerbeds


Levi, Carrie, Tivoli, Uncle Scott, Mom, & me

Levi & me

Carrie, Beth, Molly

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