Thursday, November 15, 2007

November colors

Thursday here & there's excitement in the air. We had a good rain shower last night (of course the truck windows were down) & today is really windy - a cold front moving in. Our trees are at their peak of color - the maple out front a brilliant yellow - nicely contrasting with the red dogwood. Unfortunately, with each gust of wind the leaves on the ground get deeper.

I'm cleaning & packing today as we get ready to travel - 9 of the next 10 days we'll be out-of-town. Levi & I (along with my sisters Carrie & Beth) are making a pre-Thanksgiving roadtrip to Wildwood (our homeplace) this weekend. We'll do a quick turn-around & then head south for Thanksgiving with the Burnam's.

When our friends Mike & Teddi moved to New Mexico I inherited their Thanksgiving cactus - it spent the summer soaking up the sun on our back deck & came inside just few weeks ago. It's bursting with blooms this year - a nice splash of color this time of year - & a nice reminder of old friends.

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Nicole said...

Have a good trip. No travel for us until thanksgiving day. I am having surgery on Tuesday though, wish me luck!