Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Farm in Reno, Ga.

I wanted to include some pics of my Pa-pa's place in Grady County. This farm was purchased by my Great-grandfather McCorkle during the depression. I spent alot of time as a kid hunting, fishing, and just aimlessly wandering around here whenever I could talk Papa into taking me...which was never very hard to do ;-).... Guess I still do alot of aimless wandering in the woods..... One day I hope to watch Levi experience some of the same things.

This is Sofkee Creek....a fine little redbreast creek that is extremely low now due to the lack of rain lately. Sofkee allegedly translates to "grits" in the Creek tongue.

Peanut field at the front of the place.
Ahhh....these next two shots are of the pond, which is full of bass, bream, catfish, cottonmouths, and one gator. There's not much better than floating around this pond casting a rapala next to stumps.

This is down in the swamp along Sofkee Creek. It's a hardwood bottom comprised mainly of water oak, swamp chestnut oak, magnolia, and blackgum. Also spruce pine, palmettos, muscadine, vaccinium, and some switch cane. Note the obvious lack of privet!Pa-pa's food plot, normally in corn this time of year....but not now because guessed rain! He will probably put it into oats/wheat/brassicas etc. for the fall and winter. As an aside, many wild turkeys have gone to their ancestors in the great roost tree in the sky from the edge of this field.
Southern lady ferns along Hornyhead creek.....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cairo pics

A couple pics from last weekend in Cairo.

Enjoying time together on the front porch swing. Don & Levi.

Aunt Bug & Levi! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thumbs down on the green pea goo

We pulled a jar of yummy delicious organic peas out tonight (for the first time) only to have them spluttered promptly out & our typical 'baby-bird-open-mouthed' child suddenly went tight-lipped. He was only lulled into eating again once we broke out his favorite pears & raspberries.

Is there nothing going on besides infant feeding in my life...

Sure! Today I got all set up to work from home - I'm working for a graduate student at the Forestry School. He, like Joe, is doing quail research - though his study sites are located in Florida. I'm just doing data entry at first, but later on will be working through a collection of quail chick fecal samples to determine what insects they've been chowing on. What you say? Quail shit! Yup, kinda cool for me though, it will be my first 'real' entomology job. Check out the link if you wanna know more (one or two takers maybe): Chick Foraging Ecology & scroll down to 'Chick-Diet'.

On another note, we got an exciting 1/10 inch of rain tonight. Cause for celebration in our neck of the woods, after what seems weeks of 100+ temps & no precep.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Insomnia in Cairo

Levi got up for a mid-night snack & then dropped dreamily back to sleep. I however, am now wide awake at 2am... After tossing around for a little while, I thought I'd surf around & see what's happening this time of night. In a word... Dean. Jamaica preparing for a hit Sunday afternoon.

We're in Cairo for the weekend, where we had a wonderful day visiting (pics coming soon). Levi is well on his way towards full crawling capacity & certainly kept us entertained trying to work out the kinks. He's making the rounds trying out new fare & now has bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, pears, & plums under his belt. Daddy also slipped in a fingertip of spicy BBQ sauce tonight with a decidedly "ugh" reaction.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Grandma's 85th Birthday

We traveled to Kennesaw, Ga this past weekend to celebrate Grandma's 85th birthday. Here's a group shot of all the family - in town from locales around Georgia, North Carolina, & Minnesota.

Greeting old friends during the birthday party for her Saturday afternoon.

Aunt Chris & Levi.

First cousins. Beth & Karen.

Grandma with the Neely clan.

Friday, August 10, 2007

7 Year Anniversary

A nice dinner tonight celebrating our anniversary!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tomatoes on parade

We got 20 pounds of organic romas from Locally Grown this past week + 5 pounds from our own organic garden. An afternoon's work later...

A nice start on the winter's stash... And another 20 pounds ordered for later this week.
Check out the USDA's Canning Guide if you're putting up any foods right now, it's got the guidelines for preserving EVERYTHING from tomatoes to seafood stews. A great resource.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Trip to Boone, NC

We made a weekend trip to Boone, NC for the marriage of Seth & Allison Knight - where Carrie, Beth, & Sarah (all three of my sisters) were part of the bridal party. Beautiful wedding & a great time visiting family & friends - many we hadn't seen in some time. We headed north on Sunday to Trade, TN (just a few miles away) to visit our friends Adam & Debra (who both guided with Joe on the Nantahala River) & their one-month-old son, Caleb - we wished we lived closer & could see them more often!

We clean up nice, huh?

All of the Neely sisters.

Carrie & her husband Greg

Emmy Lou. One of the goats out at Brushy Fork - along with Hank Sr., Hank Jr., Willie (recently deceased...), & Waylon.

Adam, Debra, & Caleb.

Two old river guides & pickin' buddies.

Levi & Caleb were both 7lbs 6ozs at birth & 19 inches. What'da the odds??

Thursday, August 2, 2007

First Eats

Levi is just a few days shy of his 6 month "birthday" & so we tried out some bananas tonight. By the end we had bananas from forehead to toes.... and maybe a few teaspoons in his tummy. It appears he has his Daddy's appetite - but I guess we already knew that!

What is this stuff???

Hmmm... it's not boobie juice...

Okay, not too bad.

Hooray Bananas!


Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm becoming an Athens Freecycle junkie (it's worse than eBay).
If you're in the Athens area follow the link & check it out. Basically it's a "one persons trash is another persons treasure" place where you can list all sorts of stuff you want to be rid of - OR you can check out what other folks are trying to part with. I've landed a couple sweet deals this week & have gotten rid of part of what was my "take to Goodwill pile".
Reduce, reuse, freecycle.