Friday, February 15, 2008

Locally Grown Thursdays

Thursdays keep me going... I still go to Locally Grown each Thursday afternoon/evening & volunteer - it's really lovely & reminds me there's more to life than child-rearing (not that that can't be lovely too - only tiresome sometimes day in day out). It gives me a sense of community & of belonging - of well being - going to a place where I am known & know others - a movement of people making an incredible idea not only work but thrive - wholesome food organically produced in Athen's backyard. Tonight was especially great - feeling engerized - dozens of great interactions/conversations - from Sondra who brought me a kombucha mushroom starter - to the lady that remembered I wanted the lamb shank recipe - chatting with Sandy who is days away from a beautifully planned homebirth - to good laughs with Anne & Cindy my co-volunteers.

Cedar Grove eggs - notice the blue/green one in front from an araucanas hen

the view out the back of the storeroom - Eric, the mastermind behind Locally Grown online - coolers filled with milk waiting for customers to arrive

Anne & Cindy, volunteers helping to fill orders - Elizabeth, one of 150 customers this week

carrots & cilantro - dropped off by the farmer - awaiting pickup

More helping hands... Mark, who keeps the cashbox in order - Chris & Vivian, drive the big truck to the dairies for milk & cheese pickup

look who's waiting for me when I get in!!! nibbling toes & whole-hearted laugher

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