Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday morn

A little bored with the look of things around here & just trying out a new color - need to get a new family pic up too - that one is from AUGUST! Levi had a well child checkup yesterday - he's now up to 30 inches tall - what's that... a whopping 2'6" :) - which was surprisingly in the 75th percentile - and he weighted 21pounds 4ounces - on the low end at the 25th percentile - so I suppose that makes him long & lean like his Daddy!
We're having some pretty cold weather - still isn't stopping me from daydreaming about the garden - have gotten a pea patch planted & a lettuce bed ready - think I'm going to get some help from Carrie and put up a small green house near the garden (they just built a fairly inexpensive one in the farming class she's teaching)

Tomorrow is PAYDAY & we're suppose to have our income tax return direct deposited too, so... Joe & I are celebrating!... getting a babysitter & actually going out on a DATE - which we've decided should be a weekly event :)

Yup, I'm countin' the days down - I have 11, count 'em, eleven days left to savor my 20's - I feel like I should be doing something to commemorate these last days - I'm writing in my journal - preparing/planning for another kick-ass summer garden - but I'm searching for something a little more - plant a tree? - do something I've never done? - but what?

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Nicole said...

What are the big birthday plans? I've got our sitter all lined up for the 8th.

Have fun on your date! My mom is coming this weekend and Sam and I are going to Provinos. MMMMmmmm bread and salad.