Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shots from the last few days around our house - many of my 'fancy' irises are in bloom... several are from a big order I got from Iris City Gardens a couple years back - they're a small family operation out of Primm Springs, Tennessee (near Nashville) growning all sorts of irises - this year I've gotten to see many of the plants I bought from them mature & bloom...



I've got a partial bed of these - they're different from the shorter white irises up in the front bed - they are very fragrant (like lemons) and are very tall - these were passed along to me from an old neighbor we once had...

another "Boomerang" with more pink

a spider wort thrown in for good measure - these were from Joe's Nana Mott's yard - if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'll see I also gotta little fly sitting in the left flower - nice shot

"Alice Harding"

"Thornbird" - one of my favorite because of its crazy pointy purple beards - whenever I look at it I think of a waxed mustache... bizzare I know

my own little bedbug fast asleep - this is during naptime today - which usually equates to an hour of uninterrupted time to work outside - I just leave the back sliding glass door open a bit so he can give me a shout when he wakes up

simply delicious - I've been getting organic frozen blueberries from Locally Grown lately - I've perfected the blueberry smoothie over the last few days - my secret? a little drizzle of vanilla extract into the blender with all the other good stuff - it's absolutely heavenly - Levi & I have shared two of these already today

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