Monday, April 21, 2008

It ain't easy being Levi

Munchie's having a tough time the last few days.....He's cutting four molars at the same time AND he acquired a cold. To top it off, yesterday he pulled the crockpot (empty) off the countertop and it hit him smack in the forehead.

Result= Goose egg on his forehead and a bloody nose.

Then last night he crawls up in my chair and dives out head first, but at least he landed on carpet. Let's see....he climbed up on the trunk and got stuck behind the futon....there's more I just can't remember.....

I made it til 6 or so before I got stitches. I'm willing to bet he doesn't make it that long, hehe.

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Nicole said...

That reminds me of this

A picture of grady after a particularly bad weekend that ironically started with a face plant in front of your house on the way in to Levi's birthday party. I'd say he's about right on track then. :P