Monday, September 15, 2008

Catching up....

Had some good family time this weekend.....playing in the yard, eating boiled peanuts and watching football. Been awhile since we posted any pics (the batteries are dead in the camera), hence the cell phone pics.
This is Levi man with his hollywood smile....right after turning up and chugging a solo cup full of dirt.

My old lab Sadie and some little kid. As an aside, these two are inseperable buddies....which is how a little boy and a dog ought to be.

Hard to beat drinkin milk naked in a frog lounge chair on the patio on a hot day.

Some black coastal plain dirt. Nice and easy to dig in compared to the eroded red-clay concrete of the piedmont.

Instead of going to Tybee Island with Mo and Levi, I chose to go to the swamp to sweat, swat mosquitoes, and bowhunt. Didn't run across any deer, but I did see 6 turkeys, a gopher tortoise, and two beautiful canebreaks...the smallest of which had 15 rattles and a button and is pictured here. Gorgeous snake. He is laying against a massive water oak that's dropping a ton of acorns in the swamp. The deer are hitting them pretty good....Since I made friends with this guy I'm hoping he'll keep anybody else out until I can collect a little fresh venison.

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