Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the last 48 hours...

at our local park - this always cracks me up - a little reminder that we're in the lowlands now - along the same lines as roadkill gator

we made an afternoon trip to the salt marsh - about a ten minute drive from our house - Levi helping Joe tie down the canoe

we accessed the salt marsh via the boat ramp at Fort McAllister - an easy put in near the house - getting Levi into his life jacket

on the water - in a protected cove - perfect for getting Levi out - not to choppy

pointing out birds - Ossabaw Island is in the distance

spotted 'em

absolute joy - no fear - no idea of any risk - he will literally keep on going out if not stopped, which terrifies me - he does this at the beach too - must do swimming lessons soon

sunset on the salt marsh

before leaving for Montessori yesterday morn for his first day at school - he's like "why are we up so early & where are we going?"

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