Friday, November 14, 2008


Levi developed a case of pink eye while in Athens & thus, we've spent the last days battling this ailment (and the accompanying fever). Although I know fever is beneficial in aiding the body to fight infections, and that children can weather high temps much better than adults, I always seem to seek out 'fever literature' to reassure myself during times of illness (and our recent 104+ temps). Some of the facts:

  • The elevation in body temperature makes it difficult for viruses and bacteria to grow.
  • Fever stimulates the body to produce infection-fighting white blood cells.
  • Many health care providers recommend using medication only to make the child more comfortable. How sick your child looks and acts is much more important than the level of the fever.
  • A fever above 107 is considered harmful.
  • The goal for using medications should not be to bring the temp down to normal ranges.
  • The body has built in safeguards that prevent most fevers from getting dangerously high.

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