Friday, January 9, 2009

Fort Stewart

So, there are certainly some perks to living 3 miles from the Fort Stewart boundries - namely, it's nearly 280,000 acres of public land (though with some military restricted areas) which I now hold a recreation pass to access and Joe a hunting/rec pass. For our family that equates into Sunday canoeing trips down the Canoochee River and four deer in the freezer this year.
The downside is, well... I'll quote directly from their site: "tank, field artillery, helicopter gunnery and small arms ranges operate simultaneously throughout the year with little time lost to bad weather." What that means is: if you live anywhere near Fort Stewart, throughout the day and night you will hear a rumble in the distance and your windows will rattle. At first you will think it is thunder, then think you are crazy, and finally after making inquires will discover its source.
Tonight there's some heavy activity (primal howling at our full moon) - I suppose to make up for the lull over the holidays - and I think briefly of home and the story I've heard all my life about how my great-great-grandfather, as a child, recalled hearing the distant rumble of canons during the Civil War.

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I don't remember that story...