Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feb pics

Just looking thru the Feb pic file today & found a few of interest...

In Cairo, Ga visiting Papa a few weekends ago & we went to a recent find in Grady County - a 15 acre colony of trout lilies - the largest know this far south - a rare find in this part of the state. There were blooming trilliums (above) found in the area as well.

acres of trout lilies

Back at Papa's house - his pineapple guava bush had ripe berries - I did a little search on these & didn't find a scientific match. Anyways, I picked enough berries for a batch of jam - and probably ate just as many!

Last weekend we went to Atlanta for a wedding - and stayed with my Grandma Huckins in Kennesaw. We left in a hurry on Sunday morning - trying to avoid the oncoming snow storm - but ended up driving thru hours of it anyways.

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