Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buncha Pics!

These are some random pics from the last few weeks....everything from Tybee Island to an old Lab. Below, me and Levi with our nightly book favorite time of day with him.

Mo's been on a blueberry pancake kick lately. She spreads apricot jam on them....she and Levi love them!

Buns of steel....he's potty training and it makes it easier if he can just go when he needs to without taking off a diaper.

Mojo in the kitchen....spaghetti night!

The kid has been scaling this wall for months now....all the way up and then down the slide, and over and over again.....

Cutting the rug with his friend Sadie. Molly and Sarah (Sadie's mother) spend alot of time together. We swap baby sitting duty with them as each of us a free night now and again.

Mo and Levi and a whole bunch of Moms and kids went to Tybee the other day. Levi and one of the other little boys had a blast in the sand.

Sandy kids!!

Sweet man...who lives in the backyard.

Mo whippin up spaghetti sauce...Levi's favorite!

My old gal Sadie....she'll be 10 in the fall. We've been on many a spree, but her hearing is about gone and another little critter gets most of my attention these days. Levi gives her plenty of love and attention, though (and ear pulls, and crawling on her back, etc.)

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