Monday, April 6, 2009

Joe's Progress Report: Day 4

Well, I'm now on Day 4 without Mo and Levi, while they visit Wildwood for Bonnie and Marshall's spring break. This is not much fun anymore. The laundry is stacked up higher than the dishes. The dogs are starving and I can't find my razor. Just for reference, it's not a good idea to put Dawn liquid in the dishwasher....Or the washing machine either, strangely enough. Another important note: frozen pizzas cook much better if you take them off the cardboard tray before putting them in the oven.

Just kidding.....I'm actually getting along quite well, but I miss them too much already. The house is eerily quiet without my happy little tornado,.....but I've been cooking up a storm, turkey hunting, and watching baseball.

Miss and love you two and can't wait to see you!!

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Beth said...

You're funny, Joe Burnam! :)