Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm in time to squeeze in one post before March is over. So lazy on the blog front & spending so little time online these days. Have pretty much gotten the house ready for the upcoming babymoon & planting our spring garden.... so busy on other fronts. We've got 6 weeks to go before baby arrives.

Levi several weeks ago - his first day of T-ball practice. I love that all games/ practices are at the fields next to our house. We can just walk over.

Making a quilt for the new baby. I'm doing a simple "9-block" pattern... keeping it easy so I will finish in time. The finished quilt should be about 5x5.... perfect for picnics or floor play. This is a shot from last week, I've now got 18 of the 25 blocks done. I will machine quilt it to keep it manageable in the amount of time I have left. Also, I'm only using fabric scraps I already have... will only buy fabric to do the borders with.

In the potting shed! Spring is definitely here. Have had several days in the HIGH 80's already. Our peas are up 2 feet.

An entire wardrobe hanging to dry. All the newborn clothes have been triple washed & sundried. And surprisingly only took up two dresser drawers.

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angelina said...

just lovely, my dear. you sure look beautiful xxxx