Thursday, April 7, 2011

early May

a visit from my midwife GeorgAnna & her daughter, Bellaluna

she's checking out the baby - head down & in a good birth position

about 33 weeks
my first experience with a Doppler - we're all hearing the baby's heartbeat

Mom & Dad visited this past week - I took them to the old Midway graveyard one day to check it out

GeorgAnna brought her newborn, Clover

We found Levi in the room reading to her - he's getting ready for his new sibling

A beautiful new afghan from Aunt Rie

reading with Cookie

A big help in the kitchen - preparing shrimp to fry

feeling the baby kick

reading to his baby doll in the new baby seat - he's getting lots of practice

Pap brought a minnow trap that was a big hit - we put it in the canal behind the house - tadpoles & crawfish were caught & released


Nat plus Nick plus one said...

Molly, you look great! I am so excited for your new addition. You guys are my heroes!

Bonnie said...

Why did you entitle this post "early May" when it was really early April?