Thursday, October 27, 2011

as viewed from outside, looking in our ancient wavy-glassed windows, a bit of a cairn Levi has constructed on his window sill - this is the absolute joy of children = the art they create = the way they inspire you = the gift of everyday joys 

Joe and I always bring rocks home.  Our home is filled with them.  From every trip Joe and I have taken out west.  Rocks from Kenny's grave.  A broken bit of stone from Eddie's grave.  The chipped up red rock from a hike with Deanna.  The collection of smooth black rocks I picked up when I was 18 visiting the Pacific Ocean for the first time.   Rocks Nick brought us from Alaska.  And now, beautifully, the stones my child thoughfully collects & brings in to share & gift to my own cairns.

a late planting of mexican sunflowers brightening up the fall garden

the tiniest seeds to directly plant into the garden = CLAYONIA aka Miner's Lettuce, an exteremly cold hardy salad green

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