Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waning Full Moon

It feels like spring is here already - roughly: 70 days / 50 nights.  A multitude of seeds going in & coming up. The first tray of tomato seedlings a week old now.
Spending our days outdoors soaking in the sunshine.

Levi down at Reno with Joe disking up the firebreaks - getting ready to burn in March.  Levi insisted on his own pair of earplugs {just like Daddy}.

Joe working on a deerskin over the weekend - a pair of buckskin pants in the works.

Indi's regular mode of transport:  the mei tai back carry.  She is literally spending hours on my back each day - for me it's the way to plant seedlings & house clean - as long as I'm moving she's happy.  My only glitch lately is that she often falls asleep back there & if I'm not careful she ends up with her head falling straight back.  I need to retro fit my mei tai to include a hood to secure her while snoozing. 

The cabbage patch gets the boot.  This was our first attempt at growing cabbage & something was a little off = all we got were some loosely formed heads.  They were taking up valuable real estate so I decided to  call it quits - there's enough a least to make a batch of sauerkraut - and really, that's all I wanted!


angelina said...

interested in the skin endeavor :: what tool is he using there?
bit of flesh still.... but its so good to see white.
you using alum?

Molly Joe Levi Indigo said...

Soaking now in Lime to make the hair easier to remove. Im braintanning them, and smoking them for color.